SAS makes sense of information by combining its intelligent search, information access and data integration technologies with intuitive visual analytics so our customers can efficiently predict, prevent and respond to threats in real time.

Our solutions have a wide and varied application, and our highly tuned solutions for the Public Security market include integrated and modular intelligence management systems and latterly full end-to-end information management systems for the Enterprise.

With government agencies and private industry facing similar threats and looking to develop their own in-house intelligence management systems, we have also taken our core intelligence expertise and world-beating search technology into these sectors. SAS has allowed government agencies and private sector organizations to combat their own threats such as sports and financial fraud, rogue trading, malpractice, counterfeiting, piracy and online fraud e.g. phishing, cyber squatting etc.

It is a testament to the configurability of the Vision IT Solutions , powerful core search technology and the expertise of the SAS law enforcement experts that the above has been not only possible but highly successful.

Clinical Data Management

At Vision IT Solutions our clinical data management and consultancy services are dedicated to providing you with clinical data, data analysis, and regulatory support and presentation requirements.

The increasing role of a dedicated Clinical Research Organization in your company's clinical data requirements.

At Vision IT Solutions , our clinical data management and consultancy services are dedicated to providing you your clinical data, data analysis, regulatory support and presentation requirements. Within clinical data management, optimal therapeutic designs, customer support and customized data analysis are key areas where our bio statisticians and medical writers interact to provide comprehensive solutions. Only through an all-inclusive understanding of study objectives, clinical design issues, and upgraded quality control measures, can maintenance of the quality of data and adherence to expected deadlines be achieved. Analysis of clinical trials includes pharmacokinetic and dynamic evaluations, therapeutic equivalence testing and sequential designs.

Vision IT Solutions ’s Cdms Allows For:

  • Faster trial design and planning processes
  • More efficient collection and management of both patient and trial administration data
  • Improved FDA compliance
  • Secure, centralized access to sites, trials, and programs
  • High accuracy data entry
  • Comprehensive data validation
  • Full electronic Audit Trail

Our understanding of data systems throughout the pharmaceutical enterprise lets us build information bridges to create new value for you from existing data resources.PCS Infotech’s advanced technical expertise and the CDMS solution make us the choice to assist your company complete a robust, documented CDMS implementation and integration.