ERP Solutions

Vision IT Solutions is one of the leading providers of configurable ERP software solutions that help organizations to align their workflow processes and root out existing redundancies in the system. The company offers various generic ERP solutions to its clients who come from different industry verticals.

Our ERP Solutions

Our ERP software solutions have helped many of our clients overcome their business challenges in cost-effective manner. We deliver configurable solutions that a perfect fit in your business and offer comprehensive ERP services right from customization to integration with robust post-sales back-up, to become your one-stop ERP solution provider. Following are our solutions.

We understand that SMEs need cost-effective IT solutions to help their organization embrace new technological platforms to serve their clients with latest product/services at competitive prices. Hence forth we have devised wide range of IT solutions that serve different needs of different clients. They are:

  • AtticERP- Web based ERP software solution for large organizations that seek seamless integration and management of diverse organizational functions on a single platform with objective to reduce total cost of ownership to give their businesses competitive edge
  • XLiteERP- Windows based ERP solution for SMEs, who want to switch from manual to automated management of their organization in cost-effective manner


We understand that you stand in midst of tight competition and need greater efficiency and productivity to power your organization ahead of your competitors. We value your time and money invested with us and reciprocate by creating perfect ERP solutions, which leverage your organization in following ways:

  • Provide greater visibility and transparency across enterprise to enable your business stakeholders take right decisions at right time
  • Create central management hub within organization for efficient administration of all organizational work flow processes
  • Replace diverse systems within organization with well lubricated and uniform work flow mechanism
  • Standardize global operations and achieve quality benchmarks
  • Out-of-Box solutions that get your business up and running at lower operating costs
  • Add value to your organization by infusing industry-specific capabilities
  • Improve forecasting and reduce or eliminate losses to increase profitability

We do not limit our expertise to implementation of above mentioned solutions but extend way beyond them to development and integration of out-of-box ERP applications to help your organization overcome operational, management and performance challenges in cost-effective manner.

CRM Solutions

Vision IT Solutionsoffers web based CRM software solution to SMEs so that they can widen their customer base, increase sales volume and sustain competitive edge in the market for a long time. We have developed fully-featured, web based and easy-to-use CRM software solution, known as ForceCRM for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that come from different industry verticals.

Key benefits

Our expertise is not limited to ForceCRM but extends beyond it to development of out-of-box CRM solutions/applications entirely for your organization. Our CRM solution integrates your front-desk activities with back-end administration to give you complete control over your business from a single point. Following are the key benefits of our CRM software solutions:

  • Easily configurable to your business needs
  • Open architecture ensures seamless integration with third party applications and accommodates more modules to meet future requirements
  • Quick and easy to deploy so that your business is up and running at a short notice
  • Complete automation of your business from lead generation to deal closure
  • Wins new customers and retains old ones at lower operating costs
  • Facilitates effective management of marketing campaigns
  • Targets right customer base and increases marketing efficiency

How our CRM Solution Benefit You?

The success of your organization clearly depends on how you conduct your business with your clients. The modern business is very competitive and if you fail to capitalize on any opportunity or not able to woo new customers or keep your existing ones happy then you will certainly loose them to your competitors.

However our ForceCRM help you avert such losses by seamlessly integrating and automating various processes like lead generation, marketing ,sales and service to make your entire customer relationship management cycle efficient and fruitful .

From our offshore CRM solutions, India center, we cater to wide range of CRM software development needs of our global clientele. We have expert teams of CRM developers/programmers who have extensive experience in development and implementation of generic and customized CRM solutions. We have long list of happy clients who come from different industries like Manufacturing and processing, Retail, Cement, Mining, Engineering, Chemicals, etc and have immensely benefited from our CRM solutions.

E-Commerce Solutions

Re-Zig Your Business with our e-Commerce Solutions

e-Commerce is on rise and a new face of modern business world. There are many e-Commerce solution providers but only few stand out from the pack. Vision IT Solutionsis one such professional ecommerce development company, which crafts innovative e-Commerce solutions that are a precise fit in your business. If your business has hit dead-end of the road and your sales are dropping then it is high time to re-zig your business by adopting our cutting-edge e-Commerce solutions

Why Our e-Commerce Solutions are Vital for Growth of your Business?

If you have not yet, embraced e-Commerce and have second thoughts about its usefulness then think again because you might be losing your business to competitors. The tastes of shoppers have changed dramatically, with emergence of Internet as most favored business/shopping media. From the comforts of their homes/offices they can click into online shopping carts to buy products of choice because e-Commerce websites give them secure and delightful shopping experience, at click of buttons.

Through our innovative e-Commerce solutions, we leverage your business in following ways:

  • Reach out to vast customer base irrespective of their different geographic location, time zone, language and currencies
  • Dramatically reduce your marketing expenses through integration of features like CRM in your website
  • Streamline and automate your business cycle to increase the ROI
  • Automatically scale your business according to needs of your clients
  • Give your business an interactive front-end, which attracts steady stream of clients, round-the clock- and increases your business revenues.
  • You gather business intelligence necessary for your business at click of buttons so that you retain competitive lead over rivals in your business domain
  • Make your e-store search engine friendly so that your products/services are visible to wider online audience

Our Range of e-Commerce Solutions

As a responsible and professional e-Commerce solutions provider, we offer comprehensive e-Commerce development services from our offshore development center in India. We employ expert e-Commerce developers, who have extensive experience is different e-Commerce development platforms and utilize them effectively to give you following e-Commerce solutions in cost-effective manner

  • Custom development of business e-Commerce solution for you
  • Re-design, develop and integrate features/functions in your existing shopping cart to increase productivity
  • Develop customized online shopping cart from scratch according to your business needs
  • Integrate custom built features like payment and shipping gateways according to shopping needs of your clients
  • Embed graphics, animations, audio and video clips, interactive polls in your e-store to give your customers true on-demand user experience, whenever they visit your shopping cart

We follow customer-centric policy and understand that you need ingenious business e-Commerce solutions at competitive prices so stay ahead of your rivals in your domain. With this mindset, we execute your e-Commerce development project so that you widen your customer base at lower operating cost to push up your ROI graph.