We’ve built, hosted, and deployed cloud and SOA based infrastructures for a wide range of clients in many industries.

Today, companies of all sizes in all industries are handling an ever-increasing number of interactions and transactions. More and more, your customers, employees, and suppliers are looking for access to information. This increasing demand is putting pressure on your infrastructure, systems, applications, and IT resources. Supporting dynamic markets may require more flexibility than your traditional IT model offers. And as demands for data storage capacity explodes, datacenter costs continue to increase. Failing to respond to any of these challenges can slow business growth and put your company at a competitive disadvantage. Cloud services may hold the answer to all of these challenges.

Vision IT Solutions Cloud Services Advantage

Vision IT Solutions offers you cloud based hosting solutions as a part of any software engineering engagement we undertake.

We’ve built, hosted, and deployed cloud and SOA based infrastructures for a wide range of clients in many industries. Our professionals have in-depth experience with the technologies and best practices within each layer of the cloud stack – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Migrating To The Cloud

Cloud migration services at Vision IT Solutionsare designed to complement our application development services and provide a comprehensive solution from development to testing, hosting, maintenance, to operations. Migrating to the cloud with us offers you the following benefits:

  • Extensive expertise in large scale hosting solutions
  • Software as a Service delivery model
  • 24×7 monitoring and technical support
  • High availability and scalability
  • Advanced tools and flexible administration
  • Multiple hosting options:
  • Build and support a private cloud within or outside your organization
  • Host and operate a secured cloud environment for you
  • Public Cloud – Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure
  • Heterogeneous deployments across diverse federated clouds
  • We offer flexible pricing structures and minimal upfront implementation costs

Cutting-edge Cloud Components

Vision IT Solutionscombines the most optimal technology and service to create a unified, dynamic, fully-managed cloud offering:

  • Vision IT Solutions technologies Cloud Orchestrator. Comprehensive multiplatform, multi-cloud, federated application orchestration framework that is based on lean engineering practices and enables full cycle, continuous solution delivery.
  • Nimbula Director. A new class of cloud infrastructure and services system, Nimbula Director combines the flexibility, scalability, and operational efficiency of a public cloud with the control, security, and trust of today’s most advanced private data centers.
  • EMC Atmos. This multi-tenant, distributed cloud storage framework offers you massive scalability with intelligence to meet the challenges of storing and managing vast amounts of unstructured content.
  • NetApp. Enables a multi-tenant environment in which separate applications and customers can share the same server, storage, and networking infrastructure with complete isolation so sensitive information is never compromised. Key features include an efficient, always-on infrastructure with elastic scalability; integrated data protection; advanced automation; and the ability to transparently migrate both applications and data across the infrastructure.
  • Integrated Monitoring. Complete monitoring and alerting for servers, switches, applications, and services. Monitoring allows you to detect and repair problems and resolve developing issues before can they affect end-users and customers.
  • VMware. Leverage your existing investments and improve IT efficiency and agility while enhancing security and choice with a private cloud built on VMware.

Our professionals have worked with industry leading clients such as, Avaya, and other to design, build, and host large scale, enterprise wide cloud solutions. We understand the practical, real-world requirements of deploying cloud-based applications, and supporting large communities of users that depend on them.